Submit your vision for 2016 and beyond

Everyone who is a professional foresight expert can submit. And that's a wide range, you can be a trendwatcher, a strategist with a view, or an expert on change, a foresight manager or a trend forecaster. Most important is that your vision is yours and that you can interpret and explain why your vision, idea or story makes sense, or why it is a clear voyance about future developments.


Submission is open and you can submit until July, 30th. We accept entries from the Netherlands and from abroad.

4 prizes will be given away. For each group an independent jury of innovation -, marketing - and communication professionals, such as content makers, strategists and previous winners will study the entries which are brought to them anonymously.

You can also submit someone else, an important trendwatcher, forecaster, futurist or visionary for you - please tell us why and we will contact him or her for you.

- SUBMIT for the TrendWachter Of The Year 2015-2016 (share a trending topic...)

- SUBMIT for the Trend Forecaster Of The Year 2015-2016 (what will be impactful between 2018-2022?)

- SUBMIT for the Futurist Of The Year 2015-2016 (share a new idea or new spot on the horizon, for instance on 2040...)

- SUBMIT for the Upcoming Talent Of The Year 2015-2016 (show your next gen. view!)

Please share your vision, idea or story in the submission form below!


We will get back to you with more information after July, 30th.


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