We are excited to announce the nominees for the 2015-2016 TWOTY Awards! Below you will find a listing of the nominees per category whom we introduce though a single sentence bio along with a quote from their submission.


Jacqueline Wolfs
Jacqueline Wolfs is a trendwatcher/ strategist at Wolves & Birds. By hunting for changes in human behavior & consumer insights they capture the Zeitgeist. “It comes from within, from a genuine intention to make the collective, and through it the world, a better place.”

Sander Duivestein
Sander Duivestein is speaker, trendwatcher, internet entrepreneur, author, and strategic advisor on disruptive innovations. "Bedrijven moeten zich een startup-mentaliteit aanmeten en openstaan voor verandering."

Guido van de Wiel
Guido van de Wiel is an organisation psychologist, a writer, and a trendwatcher, who feels most comfortable wearing all hats at the same time. “In this change of paradigm we turn ourselves from human resources into resourceful humans.”


Truus Dokter
Truus Dokter is Director at It fits!, a trend forecasting agency specialized in tracing, visualizing and describing trends and developments in design, science and more general, changes in politics and economics, and works for Peclers Paris. “Economical, political and social systems will have to direct to cohesion and cooperation rather than competition and opposition.”

Carlos Cuellar Brown
Carlos Cuellar Brown is a trend forecaster based in New York. He dives into the topic of change and how to evolve new social cultural structures. “Solution based design science is here to spread and grow new bio-regional economic ac- tivity that will become our new markets, satisfying a society based on needs and not on desire.”

Yang Design
Yang Design is a Chinese design consulting firm that provides user experience-centered design consulting service of brand strategy, digital marketing, design strategy, industrial design, interaction, and public service design. “The future world has becoming virtual and real at the same time.”


Rachel Armstrong
Rachel Armstrong is a sustainability innovator who creates new materials that possess some of the properties of living systems, and can be manipulated to "grow" architecture.
“this age comes with this incredible transition that we’re in, which is that of changing from being in an industrial age to an ecological era.”

Justien Marseille 
Futurist and founder of the future institute Justien Marseille’s motto is to be critical and without fear about possible futures. She is also a senior lecturer and researcher at Hogeschool Rotterdam. “mankind turns out to be the medium.”


Delany Boutkan
As a designer and researcher, Delany Boutkan believes that design is a method of speculation on possible future scenarios for both designer and consumer. “What if time related objects would bring the user back to the duration of time by emphasizing their own rhythms of life.” 

Steven van den Haak
Steven van den Haak is a trend researcher and art historian. His work is mainly focused on art, design and architecture. “Synthetic biology and biodesign (re)create and use nature and biological processes to enhance design and to create sustainable solutions for problems we still solve by burning fossil fuels.”

Sanne Visser
Sanne Visser is a conceptual material designer who creates an atmosphere through the use of visuals, to research cultural and environmental developments and social behaviour. “HOMO EVOLUTIS is a speculative future where the human body partly integrates with existing natural organisms, such as animals and plants.” 

Silvia Naber
Silvia Naber (1989) is an ethnographic trend researcher, specialized in filtering, framing, and visualizing trends with a focus on our daily life rhythms. “When research recognizes co-production and actor ship a whole new goal is produced, which is focussed on sustaining processes of change.”

Winners will be announced at the TWOTY Awards on October 30th!