We can’t build a world on one single vision

The beauty of the future is that we can never be sure what it will be. The present is a cross-road. The future will develop in one of many possible ways, some crossroad we will come across have already been built or are in the process of being  build, but some are yet to be build. As a result, what the future could look like is increasingly unpredictable. Or as we like to put it, the future increases in possibilities, it can be anything. Mapping the future is mapping the possibilities. What roads do we have? what roads are we building? And what roads could we possibly build?

At Second Sight we like to use the following image of the cone for the TWOTY AWARDS this year. The present is a single dot, all of history has contributed to this point and the possibilities of the future fan out from it. And to add to the possibilities, even the present is often understood not as a singular point but as a multitude of points, depending on whom we ask.

This is WHY WE NEED MORE VISIONS!? We should not limit ourselves to exploring a single path to a single point on the future. We need to explore every road to every future so we are able to ask ourselves which futures we want and which direction to move in. We need to explore the possibilities so that we can prepare for the future, we can choose what the best moves are for our company and what moves to make in our personal lives.

But let's also have some fun. The future is a world of wonders, a world of possibilities (alas, some brighter than others). We can let our minds go wild and marvel over what is yet to come. A little exercise for our imagination.