1. We are living past future stories, its time for new visions now!

2. We can’t build a world on one single vision

3. We need more insights and emphasise on variety

4. The future is plural; the future goes anywhere

5. We need to think in different futureS

6. Possible futures, probable futures, and preferable futures

7. Future stories from the heart

8. Future stories as a scream, a warning!

9. Future stories of hope and possibilities

10. We as human beingS make our futureS

11. We are all starters, innovators and disrupters

12. Let’s share as many visions as possible

13. Do you know what the world will look like in 2024? Or 2048?

14. How future proof is your company?

15. Visions and trends transcend borders

16. That’s why we need plurality to talk about the future now and shape it

17. That’s what the TWOTYs stand for

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We will share the best talents -trends, forecasts, future visions and upcoming - at the Accenture Innovation Awards 2015 on October 30th. All nominees and winners will be chosen by a group of independent jury members consisting of innovation experts, industry leaders, and decision makers who are used to working with foresights.