About TWOTY Awards

The TWOTY Awards started in 2007 as the 'Trendwatcher van het Jaar Verkiezing’ by the trendplatform SecondSight. In 2008 we renamed it TWOTY, Trendwatcher Of The Year. It has grown into the most prestigious trendwatcher/forecasting award that empowers and professionalizes the profession. We call for submissions from everyone who calls him- or herself a trendwatcher, forecaster, or futurist with a clear, important, and relevant view on the future - on short and long term.

Trendwatching, trend forecasting, and futurism are relatively young but growing professions. At the same time more people have access to more foresights/ visions and ideas about the changing world and where it goes… As we believe that the future is important, it is important to get in touch with more ideas. By collecting and connecting foresights, visions, and industries, the TWOTY Awards give access to proper and real visions to build a better future.

On October 30th, at the Accenture Innovation Awards, the 4 TWOTY prizes will be given out for the 6th time. All nominees (and winners) are chosen by of innovation -, marketing -, and communication professionals who are used to working with foresights. For each group the jury will discuss the entries which are brought to them anonymously. What are the messages they want to share? And why are they important now? We will make connections between the entries, innovation, and how to build future proof companies.

For more information about TWOTY - call/ email us via twoty@secondsight.nl or 0648926019 / ask for Andrea Wiegman

Do you want to join the award show? Please RSVP via twoty@secondsight.nl