A vision on the future is created today. We believe that thinking about possible, probable, even preferable futures is important. 'The Future Matters', that's our slogan and that's why we started the TWOTY Awards in 2007 - the Trendwatchers of The Year Awards.

Are foresights important? That's the first question you have to ask. To give a clear view, we reversed it. What if we don't care about the future? Read our story TWOTY2048 as a fiction future scenario where we lost the freedom of thinking about possible, probable and preferable futures... That's what we believe. Thinking about the future has impact on all we do - think about societal -, cultural -, also economical consequences if we can't talk open and free about futures anymore...

This year we give out the TWOTY's for the sixth time. "The Awards were created to professionalize the area's of expertise in trendwatching, trend forecasting and futurizing. We make a distinct difference between the Awards, between the visions of today, tomorrow and the visions about the world in 20 or 30 years. What are the effects of change? The future is an immense area and more and more people pay attention to it. We also want to bring less-known trendwatchers into the spotlights - to bring and open new eyes to the audience of opinion makers and decision makers. It is an event to open eyes and talk about possible futures with as many stakeholders as possible", as Andrea Wiegman, founder of the TWOTY explains. "The TWOTY showcases experts with an inspiring vision on change today. They bring new insights: trendwatchers in all categories are creative - they think from many perspectives ... in chances ... in possibilities, rather than in problems. They definitely bring new topics to the agenda. That's why this is an important award."

Some of the previous Trendwatcher of the Year winners are Tom Palmaerts from the Belgium Trendwolves (2013), Farid Tabarki (2012), Carl Rohde (2010), Adjiedj Bakas (2009) and Reinier Evers from Trendwatching.com (2007).



TRENDWATCHER OF THE YEAR (TWOTY) - entries should be about the current 'zeitgeist', or spirit of our time - it can be a new lifestyle, an interesting development, a trending topic with a need to share it with a wider public. Spread the word!

TREND FORECASTER OF THE YEAR - entries should be about new and emerging topics, lifestyles or trends that are interesting for the industry to focus on or to prepare for. New ways of production, new technics, new materials, upcoming colors or lifestyles - what have you been spotting for and what will be interesting for the industry to invest in? Share your secret!

FUTURIST OF THE YEAR - entries should be about topics, ideas or visions on the future further away - the so called distant future. Do you have a new spot on the horizon? How do we work or live in 2045, 2050 or 2080? It can be a science fiction story or an article about a future development, maybe nurtured by science or art. Who dares?

UPCOMING TALENT OF THE YEAR - for a chance to win the award for Upcoming Talent you must be in the last year of your master or bachelor degree... or graduated with two years or less working experience. Please share, please impress us! You are the next generation!